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To book a performance by the band “Souperman” please fill-in the form attached below, or write to us using our contact addresses. It is important to specify whether the performance will be a solo performance of the band “Souperman” or an event with more bands performing. Furthermore, please specify who will be responsible for installing the sound system and lighting, or, as the case may be, whether the band should provide its own sound system and lighting. In the latter case, the company RENTAL PRO s.r.o. guarantees this service for band. If necessary, the band “Souperman” can contact other groups, playing similar music to give a performance.

full-length gig 100min.
short gig 60min.
other(opening, charity event...)


New band member declassified

It is with great pleasure that we inform all fans that our band will be sent to the position of bass guitar by Vladimir... more

Brand new videos

Watch out YouTube Channel. We released brand new videos from our gig at Melodka, Brno. ... more